Impact of Digitization on Fitness and Wellness Industry
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Impact of Digitization on Fitness and Wellness Industry

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Arthur C. Clarke 

Health care has direct control over the economic growth of a region or in a country like India. A large part of employment and livelihood depends upon the fitness and wellness industry. The introduction of digitization and new technological advancement in the field of health and wellness will drastically change the overview of not only this industry but the country as a whole. 

Recently the government has tried to come up with various strategies and schemes to uplift the health care and wellness standards in the country. Such schemes can take the nation to greater heights as far as medical services are concerned. Keeping an eye on the present chaos and hassle created by the deadly pandemic of COVID-19 has obligated both the Central and the State governments to provide better facilities for both the medical staff and the countrymen. 

One of the biggest ventures in this regard has been the “Make In India” initiative under which there has been a provision to facilitate hospitals of our country with their emerging needs. Providing more beds, availability of oxygen 24*7, and research spaces for the bio-scientists to come up with cures regarding increasing fatal diseases that are decreasing the mortality rate by a considerable extent. Although there still are many shortcomings and issues that need to be taken care of. Constant efforts in this direction have made medical services understandable, accessible, and easily affordable. 

Care is shifting from the hospital to the clinic, from the clinic to the home and from the home to a 24/7 ubiquitous access to care, driven by the mobile phone.”–Sangita Reddy 

Seeing the medical industry flourish, more and more investors have started to pay attention to bringing new facilities and technologies so that they can reap the most profit out of it. This digitization has helped the country to improve the fitness and wellness industry and save as many lives as possible.

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