How Exercise Helps To Lower Blood Pressure and Stay Healthy
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How Exercise Helps To Lower Blood Pressure and Stay Healthy

If you are suffering from high blood pressure, then your doctor has surely recommended you to do more exercise. Medication manages your blood pressure, but exercise is also an important and excellent way to lower blood pressure by maintaining a healthy weight and making your heart stronger.

Why Exercising is Good for High Blood Pressure?

Doing exercise regularly helps to manage the blood pressure and helps lower it. How? Exercising helps to manage body weight and keeps the heart healthy by decreasing stress.

Moreover, adding exercise into your daily routine along with a healthy diet helps to lower blood pressure and prevent serious medical issues. Make sure that you are not holding your breath during the workout, exercising, or weightlifting, for example. Be mindful to take 5 to 10 minutes to cool down. For example, you can ride a bike, walk on the 

By cooling down, you avoid the drastic change in blood pressure. It allows a gradual increment in breathing and heart rate at the beginning of the activity. When you stop exercising to cool down, it leads to lower blood pressure. So it is important to cool down and breathe to prevent hypotension.

How Much Exercises Need To Do?

It is recommended to do 150 minutes of exercise a week. And these 150 minutes can be split up into manageable chunks during the week.

As you perform strength training and cardio, it helps to strengthen your heart to pump more and more blood with less effort.

Exercise That Is Great To Help Lower Blood Pressure

1 – Aerobic classes

2 – Cycling

3 – Dancing 

4 – Hiking

5 – Running or Jogging

6 – Swimming

To reduce your body weight, reduce your blood pressure by five to seven millimeters in mercury, which is used to measure blood pressure. After the exercise, you can focus on a few methods of breathing to help lower blood pressure.

How to Stay Motivated?

Starting an exercise and workout routine can be scary. But we have some good tips that can help you to stay motivated towards your health goals.

⦿ Break your exercise time into chunks.

⦿ Pick the best activity that you love. 

⦿ But do not be afraid to mix it all up. 

⦿ Find the best time to work. 

⦿ Check your blood pressure and heart rate 

⦿ Stop if you are in pain. 

Don’t forget to be consistent with your exercising and workouts that aim for 150 minutes of moderate and intense exercise within a week by making your exercise or workout a regular part of your life.

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