Fitness Is More Than Weight Loss for Longevity and Health
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Fitness Is More Than Weight Loss for Longevity and Health

Millions of people have desires to lose weight and it became the main topic of discussion when it comes to the matter of longevity and health. Whenever you enter the exam room of your doctor’s exam room, it’s usually the first and most important measurement they used to take, like checking the heart rate and blood pressure.

This check makes sense. It is the number that makes it easy to see the changes in weight since the last time when they weighed you.

But if there comes an unintended result that makes you think that your body weight is important to know about how well your blood vessels and heart are working. Losing a few pounds of your weight will improve your body health in many tangible and long-lasting ways.

Yes, weight loss provides many health benefits. But it doesn’t mean that weight loss should be your top priority that can be classified as “obese” or “overweight”.

Maintain Healthy Habits With Better Eating Resolutions

Weight loss is not the most important benefit that comes in order to adopt a healthier lifestyle when you compare the weight loss to the benefits of increasing the fitness level. Losing weight because of some purpose, not because of illness or an injury is usually associated with a lower risk of death. Its effect is more powerful to those who are among people suffering from obesity or diabetes.

The weight lost does not mean to change the death risk. If overweight is actually the problem, then why would not those people who lost the most have the biggest risk reduction?

Eating more and moving better are strongly and consistently linked to less death risks. And “health benefits of diet and exercise are largely independent from the weight loss,”

Studies and research shows that increment in physical activities lowers the death risk from any cause by upto 50%, and increases heart disease risk by up to 40%.

The change is more dramatic when people exercise to improve their heart fitness and further health. Moving fitness categories lower to a higher can cut the mortality risk upto 60%.

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