Benefits of Having a Flexible Body
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Benefits of Having a Flexible Body

Most people take part in exercises for improving physical health and  being flexible . People lift weight to maintain their lean muscular tissues and to build strength. Lifting weight is not just about building muscle.

  • It is going to keep your bones strong and healthy
  • Greater freedom of movement
  • Improved posture 
  • Increases physical and mental state 
  • Releases muscular tension 
  • Can reduce the risk of injuries 

Three important elements of having a flexible body

There are three important elements to maintain a flexible body:  

  • Regularity 

Exercises must be done on a regular basis. Consistency allows the body more effectively. Doing exercise is not about lifting weight it’s about being consistent. Three hours of workout can not make you physically and mentally fit but one hour of regular workout can.

  • Progressive Overload

Its a combination of Two principles: Overload And Progression 


To improve your fitness and flexibility, you need to get away from your comfort zone you have to make sure the demand of the weight must be greater than the weight which our body used to. Thus the body will gradually adapt to the load.


It means gradually increasing the weight and the stress of the body from before, eventually it will increase your strength and stamina.

NOTE- Over progressive overloading may lead you towards injurring yourself in the process so always go with the safe progressive overload. 

  • Rest and Recovery

In between exercise breakdown of tissues occurs and the metabolic waste accumulates. The body heals itself during rest, eating and sleeping. Rest and recovery between exercise sets play the most crucial part of the exercise itself, not giving time to the body will lead you toward decreased performance, injuries and fatigue. The optimal time the body needs to recover is 48 hours. 

Warming- up

Always start the exercise with a warm-up take a few minutes to warm up. Directly starting with exercise may increase your chances to get injured. Start with spending at least 10 minutes on warm-up before starting. 

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