Ayurveda Recommends Not To Consume Curd at Night, Why?
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Ayurveda Recommends Not To Consume Curd at Night, Why?

Ayurveda always warns about not to heat curd and having it with food at night. Now summer is knocking, it is the right time to pay attention to adjust our diet with the season’s change. For that, you do not necessarily do a grocery haul or completely change your fridge and pantry. Small and partial diets go a long way to help the body cope with the changes in humidity levels and temperature.

Curd, also known as Dahi, is a staple in Indian households that has numerous benefits on health and is great for hair and skin. Curd helps to hydrate the body, builds stronger bones, strengthens immunity, and it is a must-have when you are on the journey of weight loss journey to maintain your goal weight.

Ayurveda highly approves the goodness of dahi but it warns about how and when you should have it. An Ayurveda specialist recently shared an Instagram post elaborating the look of curd through the lens of Ayurveda. Curd is good for gaining weight and increasing fat. It also improves the strength of the body and improves digestive power. 

To Be Noted:

  • Curd should never be heated as it loses its beneficial properties due to heating.
  • It is to avoid curd in people suffering from obesity, inflammatory conditions, bleeding disorders.
  • It is good to consume curd daily during morning and afternoons.
  • Do not mix curd with fruits as it is incompatible with fruits. 
  • Long-time consumption of curd would trigger allergies and metabolic issues
  • Curd is incompatible with fish and meat. Combination of curd along with chicken, meat, mutton, or fish lead to toxins in the body.

It is concluded that the best way to have curd is to take it during the afternoon and in moderation.

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